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Working with Women

Julia Lembcke, the founder of URS Advisory, is especially sensitive towards family-oriented, passionate women nearing retirement in Palm Beach and Martin County. Growing up with a strong, financially independent mother and watching situations in her own her family where a lack of planning can destroy relationships, she realized early on that helping women and families gain financial clarity, confidence, and comfort is her passion.

Julia and her team will work with you to achieve these goals and others: receiving a specific income in retirement, mitigating taxes, effectively passing on wealth to children, grandchildren, and/or a charity, protecting yourself and your family against the rising cost of health care, and reducing exposure to market volatility.

She believes that women struggle with different fears and frustrations than men and can benefit from competent female-oriented financial advisors to address these unique fears and frustrations.

“Women have competing priorities in life, care for more than just themselves, and face very different challenges than men. As such, they need to be advised accordingly. Women need more listening, less financial jargon, and a more customized approach to financial planning that incorporates their values and wishes at the core.”

While men are usually more concerned with how their portfolio performed against the benchmark, women are more concerned with how their portfolio performed in conjunction with their long-term life goals and objectives. Women are typically the “Chief Operating Officers” of their household and make most, if not all, of the day-to-day and long-term financial decisions. In addition, women live longer than men on average, which exposes them to a greater risk of outliving their money, a concern that must be addressed with an advisor who specializes in this area.

Women want security for their families and friends, and for future generations. They want to use wealth to be independent and to have the freedom to make choices about how they live. Successful women often want to use their wealth to make the world a better place for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. After their loved ones are taken care of, they want to devote time and resources to causes near and dear to their hearts and to philanthropy to support their community. Often, these wishes get lost in the overly complex, male dominated world of finance leaving many women frustrated and disconnected from their own resources.

While most advisors tend to believe they already know what you want and what you’re looking for, Julia and her team realize the importance of asking critical questions about your needs and expectations, and best of all, they listen! They want to hear your story, your family values, your life goals, fears, and wishes for the next generation.

You deserve to have a financial team that truly listens to your story, appreciates your hard-work and personal accomplishments, and devotes their time to helping you through life’s demanding and challenging transitions. Every woman has a complex and fascinating life story, or “suitcase”. Our goal is to help you unpack your suitcase, plan for the various “trips” in your life, and help provide you with the expertise you need to enjoy the journey!